Time to Binge: Netflix’s most watched shows

Netflix’s most-watched shows of all time.

Netflix has undeniably altered the way TV series are made now, with fantastic quality, phenomenal talent, and intriguing plots. According to the Netflix Top 10, the 10 most-watched seasons of Netflix TV series of all time are listed below.

Squid Game: Hundreds of people who are handicapped by personal debt are chosen to engage in a variety of activities in order to win a stunning $45.6 billion cash prize in Hwang Dong-gripping hyuk’s series. The games appear benign at first appearance, but the participants quickly discover that they have devastating repercussions.

View Count in first 28 days: 1,650,450,000

Bridgerton: The Bridgerton family navigates the tricky world of finding love in this novel, which is based on Julia Quinn’s bestselling romance series. It’s hot, scandalous, and everything you’d expect from a historical drama.

View Count in first 28 days: 625,490,000

Money Heist Part 4: The Professor enlists the cooperation of eight persons with varied skills in an elaborate scheme to carry off the greatest money robbery in Spanish history, stealing €984 million. However, clashes with police and other forces make this concept more problematic than it was originally intended. The fourth instalment focuses on the havoc that such a scheme can create, with each member dealing with their own difficulties as an insider tries to bring down their organisation.

View Count in first 28 days: 619,010,000

Stranger Things 3: Will Byers is still dealing with the ramifications of his otherworldly abduction from season one, and he and his pals are dealing with a mysterious threat linked to the new neighbourhood mall in mid-’80s Hawkins, IN.

View Count in first 28 days: 582,100,000

The Witcher Season 1: The Witcher, based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s popular book series, is set in mediaeval times on the Continent and follows monster hunter Geralt of Rivia and Princess Ciri of Cintra as they are brought together by fate.

View Count in first 28 days: 541,010,000

13 Reasons Why Season 2: Hannah Baker’s death and the impact it has on her friends and classmates are the focus of the second season of the critically acclaimed drama. Following a significant revelation in the first season finale, the second season will have you eagerly anticipating what happens next in the lives of the Liberty High School students.

View Count in first 28 days: 496,120,000

13 Reasons Why Season 1: Hannah Baker, a high school student, commits suicide and leaves behind a box of recordings that explain why she committed suicide. When Clay Jensen finds the box on his front porch, he is motivated to learn more about Hannah’s death.

View Count in first 28 days: 475,570,000

Maid: The series follows single mother Alex as she tries to establish a better life for herself and her daughter, Maddy, after experiencing homelessness and being in an abusive relationship. It stars Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley, a mother-daughter duo whose personal relationship only adds to their onscreen talents.

View Count in first 28 days: 469,090,000

You Season 3: Joe Goldberg, the popular series’ bookstore manager and part-time serial killer, returns as a husband and father in season three, but he still fights with compulsions.

View Count in first 28 days: 467,830,000

You Season 2: Joe Goldberg, a serial killer, relocates from New York to Los Angeles in order to start a new life and lose his former name. However, as he meets new pals, including chef Love Quinn, his old obsessions and violent tendencies resurface.

View Count in first 28 days: 457,370,000