Tips to make your trip unique and experience the authenticity of the places

As a traveler, we always want to make more of our trip. We want the explore local places, food, etc. We want to experience what the local people of the town experience. Here are some tips for you to experience the authenticity of the places and to make your trip more unique.

1) Go to local hotels or dhabas.
As a tourist, you won’t know about the lesser-known places because on Google or other social media there are very few details about this kind of place. So when on the tour try communicating with local street vendors or the staff of the lodge or hotel you’re staying to experience the local food and taste of the town. Just be careful and don’t over-communicate especially when traveling alone. (Never tell anyone you’re traveling alone)
2) Search for hidden gems
We all know now about the popular sites when on tour but most of the popular places are always overcrowded so try to search for the hidden gems like a hidden stream, waterfall, forts, etc. basically the lesser-known places. Read about them or collect enough information from the locals and visit such places to make your trip unique.
3)Local Markets
Shop from the local markets to bring home the authenticity of the town by a souvenir. Search for the lesser-known markets as tourists often ignores the local markets which can turn out to be a very beautiful experience. As the market of any town is a reflection of the place itself.
4) Enjoy to your fullest
To go on tours and make trips happen you should always have a proper plan but make sure you don’t exhaust yourself in planning. Do not forget to click pictures and enjoy the trip to the fullest.
Pro tip: To search about any local places just open the Google maps and skim through the nearby places.