Titanic star Leonardo DiCaprio turns 47, check out his top movies

Leonardo DiCaprio’s top movies on the occasion of his birthday.

Few performers in history have had as varied a career as Leonardo DiCaprio. Let’s have a look at his top 5 movies, on account of his birthday.

The Departed: Working with Martin Scorsese, one of the greatest directors of all time, Leo was on a mission to toughen up his image in the Oscar-winning picture The Departed – and to put his acting abilities to the test. DiCaprio’s finest performance came as a result of the perfect movie mix: fantastic story, wonderful director, and seasoned co-talent, which he shared with giants Alec Baldwin, Mark Whalberg, and Jack Nicholson. DiCaprio added a degree of complexity to a repressed Irish-Catholic officer that seemed really realistic, whether he was holding a pistol to a man’s head or punching an Irish chum to bits in a general store. His portrayal of the character worked brilliantly within the context of the plot, and as a result, The Departed takes the title of Leonardo DiCaprio’s best film.

The Revenant: Leo finally got his hands on that coveted, and long overdue, Academy Award thanks to his performance as Hugh Glass, an American frontiersman in 1823. DiCaprio elevated the picture to a level that no other actor could achieve by pushing himself to the limit day in and day out to guarantee his portrayal was real, and by entirely vanishing within the part. Working on The Revenant with the genius Alejandro González allowed Leo to finally forget who he was and that he was pursuing an award, and establish himself as a world-class actor deserving of our continuous attention.

The Wolf of Wall Street: If nothing else, The Wolf of Wall Street, his most debaucherous picture to date, turned heads upon its premiere. Leo’s role as the renowned Jordan Belfort and IRL Wolf of Wall Street was all systems go the entire time, thanks to the film’s box office triumph as well as critical acclaim. DiCaprio’s devotion to the performance was impressive, as he was funnier than anything we’d seen him in before.

Titanic: We might not have many of the films starring Leonardo DiCaprio that we love today if it weren’t for the sentimental yet genre-defining Titanic. It’s hard to believe that Leonardo DiCaprio was 22 years old and Kate Winslet was 21 years old when they filmed Titanic in 1996. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone born before 2005 who hasn’t watched James Cameron’s Titanic, which was once the highest-grossing picture of all time for a bloody long time – and you best believe Leo’s star power and impeccable casting had a significant role.

Inception: Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan marked Leo’s excellent entry into the smart-thriller genre. DiCaprio, who is known for his heartthrob, intense drama, and clever action pictures, dabbled in this new genre for him, and look how it paid off. Even with its already great cast, storyline, and seasoned director, Inception wouldn’t have been the same without Leo, who brought a true sense of drama to his character’s late wife’s sorrow, as well as a real sense of wanting to be with his separated children.

Happy 47th birthday to an actor and a legend.