Top 10 most Googled celebrities of 2020 in India

The year 2020 was full of shocking discoveries, never-ending controversies, democratic rallies against the government all around the world, death tolls rising because of COVID-19 and the worldwide lockdown. To keep up with the gossip and the news of 2020, here’s the roundup of topmost googled personalities of the horrific year:

Joe Biden: Stumbles, tragedies and, now, delayed triumph

Joe Biden was announced the elected President of United States and it was a big win for the country as the US citizens were not happy with the Trump rule. The country saw many protests in 2020, mostly against policies and agendas that Donald Trump supported which was also a major contribution of votes in favour of Joe Biden.


Arnab Goswami (@ArnabGoswamiRTv) | Twitter

Arnab Goswami was arrested and bailed in December 2020 because of multiple cases against him. Though he was the hot topic for some entirely different reasons. He is an Indian news anchor and Managing Director of news channel Republic TV and the past year, he was openly biased towards the government and even labelled those opposing as anti-national for speaking against the government. In the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide controversy, he declared actress Rhea Chakraborty as the murderer without any proof and continued to shame her on his channel.


From Kanika Kapoor testing positive for Covid-19 to her's father saying she attended 3 parties - here's all you need to know | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Kanika Kapoor was the first Indian celebrity who contracted COVID-19 and had no clue on the same. She was slammed for her ingnotance and the fact that she could have spread the coronavirus. An FIR was also filed against the Bollywood singer for the negligence of the rules of quarantine released online. She had attended two gatherings before she knew about contracting the deadly virus.


South Korea: Nothing to corroborate report Kim Jong Un is gravely ill

Kim Jong-un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea. A few months back, there were rumours of Kim Jong-un to be very ill because he was nowhere to be spotted, there was no news about his whereabouts in the media. Later, he was speculated dead and that his death was being covered. But Kim Jong-un made an appearance soon after, and all these speculations were cleared. He warned the North Koreans of the coronavirus and asked them to fight against it by adhering to the guidelines.


Amitabh Bachchan - Age, Movies & Family - Biography

Amitabh Bachchan is the megastar of Bollywood. When the Bachchan family, including BigB, was tested positive for coronavirus the whole media and his fans went in a frenzy. As it was a known fact that COVID is more critical for senior citizens, all eyes were on the actor. He gave a tough fight to the virus and was safely released by the hospital after a few weeks of treatment.


Afghanistan spinner Rashid Khan reveals when he'll get married - myKhel

Rashid Khan is the Afghan leg-spinner and the only sports personality in the list of top 10 most googled. He surpassed the ultra-famous cricketers to be on no.6 in the list. Rashid Khan’s stellar performance in the IPL 2020 added to his glory as he recorded his career-best IPL performance and took 20 wickets from 16 matches played for the franchise Sunrisers Hyderabad.


Rhea Chakraborty Will Return To Work in 2021: Rumi Jaffrey

Rhea Chakraborty was the major topic for 2020s controversy. As her boyfriend and famous actor, Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his apartment, his family and friends pointed fingers at her. SSR’s father filed an FIR against the actress and CBI continued the investigation even after the Mumbai Police had given a clean chit to Rhea and her brother Showik Chakraborty, who was in jail for months under the drugs case and was released later.

55 Things You Need to Know About Kamala Harris - POLITICO

Kamala Harris became the elected Vice President of the United States of America. She made history as she became the First woman Vice President and First Woman on colour as Vice President. Kamala Harris’s maternal family hails from Tamil Nadu, India which made Indians even prouder of the elected VP of the States.


Actress Ankita Lokhande's guide to staying happy

Ankita Lokhande is a famous television actress who recently made her Bollywood debut as a supporting actress in Manikarnika. She garnered a lot of attention when she pointed fingers at her Rhea Chakraborty for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, who happens to be Ankita’s ex-boyfriend. She went on to give interviews and write posts about how SSR couldn’t have committed suicide and it was somehow Rhea who was at fault.


Kangana Ranaut Committed `Grave Violation of Plan' While Merging Her Flats: Mumbai Court Dismisses Plea Against Demolition

Kangana Ranaut is a famous Bollywood actress who is quite popular for taking a jab at almost everyone she comes across, be it in real life or social media. She first made the controversial headlines when she called out Karan Johar on the topic of nepotism and how he favours the star kids. From then on, the Queen actress has made controversies about everything she says; she was very vocal about the SSR suicide controversy and how it was nepotism that killed him and not his degrading mental health. She targeted Bollywood celebrities for doing drugs that the accused were called in the NCB chambers for questioning.