Top 10 new year party ideas that will make the year end more memorable

Year after year this day comes and we say goodbye to this with some sparkle and countdown. 2021 is about ending and we all must be preparing for the party with all the precautions and a little bit of social distancing will be ok.

Here are some party ideas that can make your get-together even happier and memorable-


Old dumb charades are not cool anymore so drawing pictures and going things, objects, and even movies with it and make your team win.

Mix it up

Show your cooking talent by making crazy and bizarre eatables and drinks and make them happy about the new year and forget about the going year.

Dance to those tunes

Get the best party songs and disco at home and celebrate with zest and zeal and wiggle your feet to those songs and numbers that make you a Michael Jackson.

Instagram wall

Create an accent wall to get Instagram perfect pictures and memories of the going year more precious and memorable.

Crown Crossing Game

Just like passing the parcel, this will also be the same but instead of a cushion it will be a handmade crown or a plastic crown, and when the music stops who so ever will have the crown on their head will be punished(sarcastically).

New Year card

Make your new year cards and exchange them with friends and family and keep spreading happiness. One card can be like MAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS AND BREAK IT!!

Fill the gut with junkies

This day forget about healthy food and diet. Fill yourself with a lot of food pizza, burgers, fries, candy, etc and enjoy the day with your favorites and live livelily.

Thanos click

With Thanos’s hand make the year disappear with the click of fingers.

Getting to know the sweet in you

Make something sweet and serve to party lovers and spread the new year’s beginning on a sweet note. Showcase your feet ide in this sweet way.

Sparkle the year with cracker

Spark your party with some crackers and lanterns. Light some candles and spread happiness with lots of life and lights. Happy New Year to all.