Top 10 searched words on Google: 2020 edition

As most of our time was spent indoors this year, with studying and working online, it is quite explanatory that this year we all spent our majority of the time staring at screens. Google was our ally this year along with some social media and video conferencing applications to help us keep up with the outside world. Here is the list of the ten most searched words:

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. Gmail
  4. Google
  5. Amazon
  6. Translate
  7. Whatsapp Web
  8. Weather
  9. Google Translation
  10. Instagram

These searches were related to translation, entertainment, social media application, shopping, news & queries and weather.

In social media applications, Facebook has topped the list followed by Whatsapp and Instagram. Though millennials are more inclined towards Instagram now, it’s clear that the majority of the people are still Facebook users.

In the entertainment category, Netflix was no where to be seen in the top 10 searches and neither did the other digital media platforms made it to the list. Instead, YouTube topped the most searched words.

In the shopping category, only Amazon was in the top 10 searches which is apt according to it’s growing popularity worldwide.

Although this was the year of COVID-19 pandemic, the word coronavirus still couldn’t top the most searched list but it did appear in the latter rankings!