Top 5 adventurous trekking destinations in Maharashtra

One gets spellbounded when he/she reaches on the top of a hill or a fort owing to an infinite vista of the surrounding in the Sahyadri ranges. All along the trekking trail, you will come across a number of cascading creeks, gushing waterfalls, exotic flora and fauna, boulders to scale, dropping pools to splash in and soothing climate that hovers around the entire region. If you are looking for some more adventure activities in Maharashtra here it is!

1. Kalsubai Peak Night Trek
At a height of 5400 feet Kalsubai is well known as the highest peak in Maharashtra. Being the highest peak, it commands a beautiful view. Since Bhandardara Dam and Kalsubai Peak is extremely famous, enough effort has been made to make this trek easy. There are steel railings, chains, and ladders at places where it is difficult to climb.

2. Korigad Fort Trek
Korigad is a hill fort located about 20 km south of Lonavla in Pune district, Maharashtra, India which is at 929 meters above the sea level. It is one the favourite places of the trekkers where thousands of them go on trekking and  have a marvelous experience. There are two lakes on the top of the fort. This fort can be visited at any time of the year. Even a night trek during summer will bless you with a mesmerizing experience.

3. Andarbhan
Dark and dense forest is the other meaning of the word Andharban. To enjoy the miraculous trail of Andarbhan, monsoon is the best time to explore it. The s known as the Dark Dense Forest as the meaning of Andhar is dark in Marathi and ban means dense forest. Monsoon is the best season to experience the miraculous trail of Andharban Forest. Andharban is usually banned for trekking during the peak monsoon seasons.

4. Lohagarh Fort Trek
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was famous for his forts scattered all around Maharashtra and Lohagarh (Iron Fort), is one of them. Seated on a single side range of the Sahyadris, it divides the basins of Indranayi and Pavna. The fort has four huge gates which are still in impressive condition even today and the other attractions there are the Ganesh Darvaja, the Narayan Darvaja and the Hangman Darvaja.

5. Rajgad Fort Trek
The Sahyadri ranges have a lots of forts located on it and Rajgad Fort is one of the grand forts. The fort’s most part is intact as it was earlier. This place is a trekker’s delight. The highest part of the fort has remains of caves, water cisterns and palaces. The views from the above are simply incredibly good. Not only much of its part is still intact but it also has great great historical significance.