Top 5 luxury cruises to travel to unexplored destinations in the country

You can hop onto any of the cruises if you wish to explore lust green scenes and majestic seas around the country and all of them are quite exotic and mostly unexplored! These are not the renowned places but yet exquisite and hence we have listed down Top 5 best luxury cruises for an adventurous and mesmerizing trip:

1. Kerala Backwater Cruise
Splendid views of rice paddy fields and bamboo on waters can be only seen if you are in the backwaters of Kerala. Get bored and enjoy ome of the most fascinating and peaceful rides in a memorable cruise.


2.. The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise
By passing through the Vembanand lake which is the largest water in the laps of Alleppey. As a tourist you can enjoy enriching cultural performances while enjoying all the luxuries in the cruise. Acclaimed masterchefs prepared food willcbe served to you.


3. River Ganges Heritage Cruise
The water of Ganges offer excellent view of religious pilgrimage sites and the surrounding lush green forests. There are 32 spacious rooms and a terrace dining area which cancat once accommodate hold 80 guests. This 260 km long stretch luxury cruise will take you through some of the top sight seeing places.


4.Andaman Islands Cruise
This cruise to Andaman is only available from the ports of Kolkata, Visage and Chennai which promises you to take you through the lush green surroundings of the Andaman Islands. You can do numerous activites like snorkeling, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and other water sports. Every island tour promises an enriching experience through the crystal clear waters so it will be quite an extravagant experience.


5. Lakshadweep Cruise
Famous for adventure water sports Lakshadweep is a place you can opt it you are adventure junkie. So you can look forward for sailing in the Lakshadweep Cruise. Here there are many options available so you can choose one as per your convenience. Visiting the local people to know more about the place is possible. You can indulge in turtle walking, coral reef walking and bird watching on som eof the islands. Oh, you can also hire jet skis and water scooters to have some fun!