Top 5 movies of Prabhas that are a must watch

Happy birthday to the Bahubali

Prabhas is one of the top actors of this century. He is the best in all genres of movies whether romance, action, emotion, or dancing on the floor. He has a huge fan following in India as well as abroad and is ranked number 10 in the top 100 desirable men in India.

Here are the top 5 amazing movies of Prabhas that are must watch-

Bahubali (2015) and (2017)

One of the best movies in Prabhas’s career. It has made huge box office success and is the most liked movie of the time. The first movie posed the question  Why did Katappa kill bahubali and the sequel proved the why. If it is watched even 100 times… it’s less.

Sahoo (2019)

This movie was Prabhas’s debut in Bollywood and was very much liked by people. His chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor was liked by the audience and yes we are his fan of dancing as well.


Kajal and Prabas share cool chemistry with Prabhas. To save himself from an unwanted marriage to a gangster’s daughter, a man tells the story of reuniting with his childhood sweetheart in Switzerland. Prabha prepares to meet Nandini, his childhood friend, at a reunion party organized by his father. However, things take a turn when Nisha, a gangster’s daughter, falls in love with him


A girl falls in love with a boy after he helps her and manages to win the hearts of her family with his good deeds. However, she is unaware that he belongs to a rival family. A love story with twists and turns.


Venkat and Sailaja meet on a train and fall in love. But Sailaja’s father disapproves of their relationship and decides to marry her off to Bhadranna, a ruthless landlord, who is obsessed with her. Love can go to any extend and wins in the end.