Top 5 must use gyming accessories for men

Without a doubt, regular exercise can benefit your health, mind and body. Not only does it boost your energy, increase lean muscle mass, decrease your risk for certain health conditions and help you manage your weight, but it also improves your mood and enables you to live longer. Along with toiling while hitting the gym you also need some of the top-quality accessories which prevents some kinds of injuries and also provides comfort while gymming. Hence we have listed down a list of must have gym accessories for men, have a look:

1. XTRIM X Macho Men’s Leather Gym Workout Gloves
Crafted with High-quality authentic, natural grain leather used in MACHO gloves provides ample grip to the lifter thereby reducing the possibility of weight slipping off the lifters’ hands. These are designed specially for the people who want to prevent wrist injuries while lifting weights flexi-strap wrist closure present in MACHO gloves scales down unwanted pressure on the wrists, reducing the likelihood of wrist injuries during weight lifting.

2. KROGER Sports Duffel Bag Backpack 
This backpack made with 100% cotton material has various provisions and compartments for your wallet, phone, sunglasses and one back side pocket for valuables, you can take necessities all in one bag. Carry to your destination with the top grab handles or adjustable, removable shoulder strap.

3. Nike FE0181S5-087 Wrist Weights
Adjustable strap with hook-and-loop closure holds weight in place. Additionally its anatomically correct design provides improved fit around wrist and lining wicks away moisture to help keep skin cool and dry.

4. Gym Gearz Resistance Band Double Toning Tube for Workout
This product is not only environmental friendly but also is durable. The limited length can be stretched up to 6 times it’s original length, which can meet all your workout needs. With anti- skidding and wear-resisting humanized design, foam wrapped handle bar is more comfortable to work out your arms, legs, shoulder and back strength with this resistance tube.

It is perfect for crossfit , yoga, pilates, and physical therapy. Suitable for squats, lunges, side-to-side exercises, stretching, triceps and biceps exercises, each muscle group can be trained progressively and safely. Only because it is very small and compact it can be carried anywhere to reach your fitness goals


5. Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener
One of the best quality product which is also very durable owing to its construction & ergonomic design. One can easily have adjustable resistance. Not only this but it also is great for rehabilitation.