Top 5 mystic yet marvelous places to visit in Nagaland

Nagaland makes an amazing tourist destination as it is a hilly region and has majestic range of them and breathtaking valley views. It blends perfectly with every tourist’s expectations – the serene atmosphere makes you unwind and relax; the exquisite landscapes and beautiful sunrise and sunsets elevate your spirits to a different plane; and the hilly region makes it a perfect place for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle camping and rock climbing. Enjoy oneness with nature or enjoy adrenaline flow in Nagaland, the dream destination. Here are the top 5 destinations in Nagaland.

1. Kohima
The capital city of one of the smallest states boasts of picturesque views to offer. Located above 1500m above the sea level this place is a trekkers and campers delight. It is not very known as of now but has the potential to attract thousands of tourists for camping and trekking in the near future.

2. Dimapur
It serves as the main entry point into Nagaland and is also known as the commercial center of the state. This place is blend of natural beauty as well as historic beauty. Nature lovers can adore the scenic landscape while the history lovers are attracted towards the 10th century Kachari ruins.

3. Mokokchung
One of the most important district in the state also known as the capital on cultural and intellectual prospect. You will be mesmerized by the picturesque hills and sweet sounds of streams flowing there.

4. Wokha
Its the homeland of the Lotha tribes and to have a break from the fast city life and experience a rural life you are most welcomed here. Most of the area around is covered by forests which makes it even more enjoyable. They also grow organic fruits like pineapples, oranges and plums.

5. Mon
One of the most mystic places in Nagaland that boasts of rich tribal heritage. Its geographical location, being situated at the northeastern part of the state, adds to its mystic appeal. The place is nature lovers’ delight as the landscapes are spectacular. One of the best views is the Assam plains viewed from here.