Top 5 shows worth binge-watching on Amazon Prime

We’re all guilty of binge-watching our favourite TV shows for a few hours from time to time. You might feel like you’ve wasted time straight after the credits roll, but a recent study suggests its not worth your worry. The researchers say that binge watching TV can have some huge positive effects on our mental health! But if you are not sure on whether what to watch on Amazon Prime then you are at the right place!

1. The Wilds
The story is such that a group of people crash land on a mysterious island and there’s many mysteries to unfold yet. A series that revolves around a group of people who crash land on an island and something mysterious is afoot. No, we’re not talking about Lost, but The Wilds. The Wilds gives more answers, and we’re more interested in how they survive being left alone. This is a YA series to devour.

2. The Tick
The Tick, an invulnerable hero who fights crime and has a nervous, befuddled side-kick. When the villain The Terror returns, the pair must work together to save the city’s citizens. With its tongue-in-cheek humour and meta-superhero antics, this one’s a joy to watch from start to finish – and a huge shame Amazon didn’t continue the adventure past season.

3. American Gods
It is based on a phenomenally successfull book of the same title by Neil Gaiman. For the 21st century pilgrims the tales of old and fading Gods as they are replaced by the new Gods having specialities as per this generation. There are the God of technology and media; ones who have risen from our devotion to the world-wide-web and unprecedented connectivity. 

4. The Boys
The Boys, a brutally funny adaptation of Garth Ennis’ bloody (and bloody brilliant) comic book series. From the opening episode’s lightning-quick setup of a corporation filled with corrupt Supes, to the finale’s topsy-turvy cliffhanger, nothing Marvel or DC has cooked up on television has had us gripped the way The Boys’ cacophony of blood, chaos, and c-bombs does. The hero of the story is Hughie, a normal man whose partner is brutally murdered by a corporate Supe. Billy Butcher, who’s also had his own run-in with the superpowered, has a vendetta, and he teams up (well, forces a team-up) with the reluctant Hughie. A few more other non-Supes join in the fun and form The Boys. It all gets even messier from there on.

5. Good Omens
Angel and Devil are represented by Michael Sheen and David Tennant play who were present at the beginning of the Universe. Due to the differences in them they end up striking a lasting friendship and when the time comes, to team up to prevent Armageddon. Neil Gaiman’s worked on this adaption of his own 1990 book written with Terry Pratchett.