Top 5 tourist attractions of Andhra Pradesh to add in your ‘must visit’ list

Andhra Pradesh is one of the most versatile states in India, where tourists can find a wealth of underrated attractions such as temples, forests, beaches, wildlife, hills and caves. There is increasing popularity of the tourist visiting there. Most of the tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh are ecologically, culturally, naturally and religiously rich and diverse. Here are top 5 attractions of the state:


‘Pearl city’, familiarly known as Hyderabad is one of the most expanding cities in India. Owing to the historical monuments, beautiful gardens and parks, lakes are the major tourist attractions in the city. Among the must-visit tourist places in Hyderabad, will find a lot of museums and exquisite lip-smacking cuisines.


It is said to be the “Spiritual Capital” of the state located in Chittoor. The temples, rolling hills, valleys, pristine beaches, and rivers of Tirupati, basking in its natural glory, welcome millions of visitors every year with cordialness.


More commonly known as Vizag, Visakhapatnam is also known as theThe Port City. It is the home to the oldest shipment in mainland India. Owing to the alluring landscapes and scenic beauties iy attracts a plethora tourists every year.


Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh is renowned because of the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga Temple which is known as an important place of pilgrimage for the Shaktism and Shaivism sects of Hinduism. There are thousands of tourists due to spiritual and religious ambience.


Gandikota is a historic village which is characterized by its own fort, situated on the right bank of the River Penna, 15km from the Jammalamadugu in the district of Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. The city used to be the centre power for notable dynasties such as the Chalukyas, Kalyani, Delhi Sultanate, Pemmasani Kamma Nayakas and the famous Golconda Sultanate, making it historically significant apart from being naturally beautiful.