Top 7 lesser known facts about Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is a German Formula 1 driver, who drives for Aston Martin. Sebastian Vettel is considered as one of the best and a veteran of the sport. Vettel is the youngest World Champion in Formula 1, he won his first championship with Red Bull in 2010 and went on to win 4 Consecutive championship titles. He also has the third most race victories(53) and podium finishes(122).

Here are the top 7 lesser known facts about Sebastian Vettel.

1) Sebastian Vettel has a special edition car named after him from Infiniti. In September 2012, the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version concept was officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was later announced that only 200 units would go up for sale.

2) He is a big Beatles fan and has many memorabilia of the band. One of them is Hofner’s guitar given to him by Beatles member Sir James Paul McCartney.

3) Vettel was involved in a serious accident in a Formula 3 race, crashing in at a speed of 170 mph. In the accident, his index finger had to be cut off almost immediately because it was severely damaged. However, doctors were able to stitch it back.

4) Sebastian Vettel also holds the record for being the fastest driver in pits at the start of the race, Turkish Grand 2006 prix, clocking in at 9 seconds. He was fined one thousand Dollars for being the fastest.

5) Vettel has a tradition of naming his cars since 2008. It is similar to the American practice of naming warplanes during World War II. He named his cars – Julie (2008), Kate (2009) and Kate’s Dirty Sister (after Kate crashed in Australia), Luscious Liz and Randy Mandy (2010), Kinky Kylie (2011) , Abbey (2012), and Hungry Heidi (2013), Suzie (2014), Eva(2015), Margherita(2016), Gina(2017), Loria(2018), Lina(2019), Lucilla(2020), Honey Ryder(2021).

6) When he won the Italian GP in 2008, he was nicknamed ‘Baby Schumi’ because of the similarity between the driving style of Michael Schumacher.

7) He was awarded the ‘Laureus World Sports Award’ as the 2014 Sportsperson of the Year.

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