Top 7 movies of Anushka Shetty when watched feels it released yesterday

The Queen of Tollywood turns 41 today

Anushka Shetty the most popular actress in south Indian films has always entertained her audience with all types of roles comic, intense, thrillers, and action. She is well known for her roles in Bahubali, Arundhati, and lots more.

here are some of her movies that are worth winning an oscar-

1. Bahubali 2

This movie is an epic; words to describe it would be less. The role of Devsena was small in the prequel but the sequel was whole and all dedicated to Devsena’s character. She was the princess of Kuntal provinces and later the Rajmata of Mahismati. She(Anushka Shetty) portrayed the character with dedication and an independent woman who can fight her own battles and does need a man to rescue her.

2. Arundhati

From the past, Arundhati takes rebirth to vanquish the evil done by her sister’s husband who was humiliated and left to die in an abandoned forest; tried to rape her now turned into an evil spirit and now is haunting the family and her. She must find the weapon that can kill him and all the negative energy will be destroyed.

3. Mirchi

A girl falls in love with a boy after he helps her and manages to win the hearts of her family with his good deeds. However, she is unaware that he belongs to a rival family.

4. Linga

Lingaa, a petty thief turns over a new leaf after realizing his grandfather’s role in building a dam for the villagers. Then, he dedicates his life towards saving it from a corrupt minister

5. Rudramadevi

In hope of a son the king and queen want to save their kingdom from the greedy ministers but they have a daughter. they raise her like a son keeping it a secret but when Rudrama realizes that she is a girl, she supports her father’s decision and lives and behaves like a man. But how long will that secret be sustained?

6. Size zero

Sweety, an obese woman, joins a slimming center but is horrified to witness the effects of the medicines they prescribe. She starts a campaign to stress the importance of being fit rather than slim.

7. Nishabdam

When a world-renowned cello player is found dead in a house that is assumed to be haunted, his well-wishers and the authorities investigate to see if it is really the work of a supernatural being.