Top brands endorsed by The Greek God of Bollywood-Hrithik Roshan

One of the most handsome men enlisted in the top 100 handsome men is Hrithik Roshan. Being a star kid he had a huge responsibility to make his name in the film fraternity. His first movie Kaho Na Pyar hai was a blockbuster and kick-started his career. A doting father and an amazing dancer he has experimented in every genre of the film whether a period one or an inspirational story of a teacher in Super 30.

Take a look at his few endorsements in the past-


This ad features the two childhood friends separated by time meeting each other and rekindling their friendship into a love story. Oppo N1 gives you the perfect picture and relive your past again.

Mountain Dew

Based on the true event the actor failed to climb one of the highest peaks now comes back and takes the risk to climb again and finally succeeds. So take a rise and get the thing done.

Plasto Pipes

Plasto pipes give you the guarantee that it will stay longer, full water supply and no breakage, and lives even when you will be no more. Trust the best for your home.


Flamingo gives you the power to do what you like without worrying about pain as nothing can stop you. It’s an aid for life.

WhiteHat Jr

Give your kids the best teacher for their talent.WhiteHat Jr makes it easier for kids to make their own app like in the ad Baby health monitoring, app for sigh language, and emergency app for help.


Honoring the delivery person for making deliveries even in difficult situations; the actor asks for selfies but more deliveries to go so the person leaves as every customer is important.


This ad features people buying shoes turning them into Hrithik Roshan. This is a very fascinating ad to see yourself as the Greek God of Bollywood.