Top Tier Afghani Menu For You To Be Best Dinner Party Host!

Afghanistan cuisine is full of flavors, spices, and tender nonvegetarian dishes. One can have what they imagine the full course meal Afghanistan Cuisines is one the best and rich cuisine on earth. The use of dry fruits like raisins, almonds, cashew, and spices like saffron and black pepper makes Afghani dishes more rich and royal in their essence and aroma. In this segment let us uncover some easy-to-make and tasteful Afghani recipes.

1). Veg Afghani Pulaav

Afghani rice recipe for dinner purposes, A long basmati rice is boiled and cooked until it gets cooked, in a pan heat some oil and add carrot, tomato, onion. And fry them until their rawness is out then add salt and red chili powder to taste and then add boiled basmati rice in the vegetable pan and mix them well after this add some saffron for bright orangish-yellow color. And that’s it Hash Pulaav is so ready to serve.

2). Afghan Chicken :

There is something different about Afghanistan Chicken it’s sweet, tender, and spicy at the same time. For making this Afghani chicken you need to heat the pan with oil and then add cumin seeds in oil, after this add ginger garlic paste and let it cook, once it’s done add cashew paste ( or whole), yogurt, and cook then vigorously. After this add some fresh cream, pepper, Kasuri methi, in a pan with Chicken breast and cook until the chicken gets soft and juicy. And once the chicken is soft and juice adds lemon juice and chaat masala. Afgan Chicken is ready to serve!

3). Afghani Yogurt Bread :

Afghani yogurt bread is complementary to the Afghani chicken recipe mentioned above, you can have this for your lunch or dinner or on any special occasion. The recipe is very simple you just need to have all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour in an equal ratio mix both of them all together and add activated yeast, with some sea salt, Nigella seeds, yogurt and, knead a neat dough or of them, give it rests after the dough is double of its actual quantify and then make naan from it.

4). Afghani Falooda :

Afghani Falooda is a dessert recipe for those who always want some sweets after a meal. Afghani Falooda’s recipe is easy as a piece of cake. In a glass add some spoonful rose strip in glass and then add diced maghdoot jelly ( available in the afghan market and online stores) and water-soaked basil seeds, now pure full-fat milk in half glass and vanilla ice. Cream to full rest of empty glass. Garnish with pistachios and rose petals.

Afghani Falooda is ready to serve chill.