Top YouTubers For Documentary Lovers

Documentaries are a fantastic way to broaden your knowledge of the world. There are numerous YouTubers out there doing excellent films that simply require your time.

There is a wide range of documentary videos available on YouTube, just like in every other category. Whether you’re interested in geopolitics or video games, there’s probably been a film produced about it. Let’s get started with some great documentaries that we uncovered by focusing on channels that consistently produce unique and high-quality documentaries.


National Geographic

Nat Geo, a very well-known media outlet, consistently motivates viewers to care about the environment. You might be astounded to learn about untold tales that have an impact. Their documentaries are nothing less than a blessing due to the top-notch scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers they employ!


The Guardian 

The Guardian redefines the need for independent journalism by bringing you the ultimate collection of documentaries that are sure to keep you up to date with the most recent global trends! Nevertheless, we are confident that watching these top YouTube documentaries will make your leisure time enjoyable.


DW documentary

DW Documentary is always up to date on current affairs and major international events. Our carefully curated selection of critically acclaimed movies and news articles gets to the core of the matter. Explore other civilizations, travel to far-off places, and learn about modern life’s inner workings. Discover your surroundings every day by watching one documentary at a time with Deutsche.


Free Documentary

They are committed to providing you with top-notch documentaries on YouTube. with the most recent camera technology employed by renowned filmmakers working with renowned production companies. You’ll witness remarkable images taken from the air and the deep sea, showcasing the best that our stunning planet has to offer in terms of tales and images.


Real stories 

Real Stories presents you with first-person tales from people all over the world and is licensed by several studios and expert documentarians. This channel offers you the ability to learn everything there is to know about anything, whether it is wheelchair boxing, a world-class barista, or the sinister world of cults. Real Stories is the channel to watch if you want to broaden your horizons and discover some of the most amazing human stories ever.


Free Documentary

The channel name here certainly gives the game away, but the quality of the content is unaffected. Free Documentary frequently posts documentaries on themes like the future of architecture and perilous highways in the Philippines. These stories come from all across the world. If you’re not specifically looking for anything, this is an excellent place to start because the channel simply publishes awesome content.