Traditional Egyptian Recipes which will leave you speechless

Egypt is the city of pyramids of Giza, but also of Egyptian cuisine which is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and has some impact on African, middle eastern cuisine, these three cuisines shape the one unique platter of food which is called Egyptian food. So let us be familiar with some easy and tasty recipes from Egypt.

1). Halabessa :

Halabesa is a kind of soup of chickpeas given to kids as dinner because the nights of Egypt are quite cold. To make halabesa toss some tomatoes onion, garlic, cumin seeds in some oil, and then add water to the pan with some broth. Add some chickpeas (soaked overnight) and let the soup simmer on low flame. Once the consistency is perfect serve hot.

2). Mahsy :

We all complaint a problem that kids don’t eat vegetables with love, but if you make this recipe for them they will start to like eating veggies with interest, Mahsy is nothing but stuffed vegetables to make stuffing you need to cook chopped, tomatoes, parsley in cooked Egyptian rice and add some pepper, after this stuff, this mixture in your favourite vegetable like capsicum, cabbage and boil it in chicken broth until the outer layer becomes soft.

3). Marcona Bechamel :

Marcona Bechamal is an Egyptian pasta recipe, the native country of pasta is Italy but every country has its recipe to make one, Egyptian recipes include layered pasta, in which the first layer is of field pasta and the second is of cooked onion with meat and some spices and the last one is of white rice loaded with cheese and then the dish is baked.

4). Katayef :

Katayef is a different form of pancake, made I. Egypt and is very adored Egyptian dessert. To make katayef you need to make basic better of pancakes which are made of flour, baking powder, water, milk and yeast (No Eggs) batter is poured into a pan and the pancakes are made then cooked pancakes are converted in a shape of a taco and clotted cream is stuffed and orange blossom syrup is drizzled.