Traditional Turkish dishes to try on this festival season


Turkish cuisine cherished many traditional recipes with their a bit of modernization, the best part about Turkish cuisine is you can still taste the old flavour and aroma which is saved by chefs, they made it possible to nurture the senior taste with adding some new elements. Let’s unfold some of the best traditional tasty yet easy dishes from the turkey.

1). Mercimek Corbasi : 

For those who are soup lovers, this recipe is gods gift to you because it is easy to make very tasty and healthful. To make this soup you need to grind lentils in a paste and cook with water and spices, herbs until it turns into a perfect soup consistency and its bright yellow colour shines in the pan, once this is done pour the soup into a bowl and sprinkle some red paprika.

2). Pide :

No doubt! Pide is one of the dishes that are the pride of Turkish cuisine. All you need to do for this dish is make dough from flour and all the basic ingredients that you use in making bread and add your favourite mixture of filling you can use meat, cheese corn or vegetables. Make a shape of flat flatboat the dough and film with filling and bake. That’s it!

3). Baklava :

Baklava is an amazing flaky sugar syrup dipped dessert of turkey, this dessert is a best seller in the month of Ramadan and other Islamic festivals. Making Baklava is not a cup of tea for everyone you need a have expertise in cooking and baking to make perfect baklava. But in a nutshell, we can say baklava is made from layers of flaky flour knead in ghee and dipped in glazing sugar syrup with pistachios and cream.

4). Nothulu Pilav :

Nothulu Pilav is a very important dish from the platter of the Turkish dining table, the best side dish for meat and chicken, not Hulu pilav is a rice dish with chickpeas, you have to make simple rice with the boiling method and add chickpeas tossed in butter until the rawness of chickpeas taken off. Add some lemon juice and serve with Grandy pieces.