Tweets from a Chosen List of VIPs are Being Hyped by Twitter in an Effort to Support Engagement

To ensure that these users are experiencing high engagement with every tweet and are thereby encouraged to keep sharing their ideas in the app, the Twitter 2.0 team has created a list of approximately 35 celebrity accounts that are being given an additional reach boost on the site.

According to reports, the list was started in February when Twitter CEO Elon Musk saw a reduction in the number of responses to his tweets. In response, Musk gave his engineers the job of making sure that as many people were possible saw his tweets.

From there, Musk and the company broadened that strategy to guarantee that a variety of VIPs receive identical treatment. Musk believed that these individuals would be as irritated as he was if their visibility were to decrease.
In addition to Musk, the VIP list on Twitter currently includes:
• Politicians Joseph Biden, President
• Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
• LeBron James of the NBA
• Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN’s NBA
• Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator
• Mr. Beast, a YouTube sensation
• Catturd2,
Several media figures, including
• Matt Yglesias
• Glenn Greenwald
• Noah Smith

Given Musk’s general distaste for journalists, it makes sense to believe that he selected these users, which also implies that they largely concur with his ideological positions.