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Twitter has announced to remove its Fleets feature from August 3

Twitter has decided to shut down its Fleet Feature after failing to attract the tweeps. The company has posted a blog on July 14 saying the ephemeral-stories feature of Twitter will not available from August 3. In this Fleet- feature, the text or image will be automatically deleted after 24 hours followed by Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
Snapchat introduced this feature in 2013 and this has enormously been spread across the world within just a few days. After this huge response of people, Instagram also copied the stories format feature in 2016 which also gained sound popularity. After that, Twitter also followed this trend by including Fleet-feature in 2020 but gained a massive disagreement from the users. Twitter Fleets did not provide any plans for the welfare of any other businesses but some other crucial apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook take steps to put ads into them for business purposes.
Ilya Brown, a Twitter vice president of product, also mentioned in a blog post that they did not get a good response from users as they hoped. They built Fleets to conduct some of the anxieties that retain Twitter users back from tweeting. But this did not work well, so they decided to remove this feature.