Twitter Roars With CM Punk’s Comeback News

To give an amazing start to the morning, CM Punk announced his come back in the ring. CM punk is an American professional wrestler signed to AII Elite wrestling. Apart from being a wrestler, he is an actor, martial arts commentator, and a martial artist. In 2014, breaking the heart of millions of his fans Punk walked away from WWE. He mentioned that he left WWE to recover as it affected his health but now after 7 years, he has made his come back in the ring for AEW. After hearing this news, his fans are going crazy about his comeback. Everyone is considering it as the biggest pop in the history of professional wrestling. His fans are creating an uproar in social media upon their favorite’s return.  Some were seen writing that they stopped watching WWE since the day Punk left but now his comeback has ensured that they watch it again. Twitteratti also considers him as the most handsome wrestler. People are going so crazy that they haven’t stopped tweeting about the same, making CM Punk trend on the 6th number in Twitter. Punk has been known for his mic dropping pipe bombs. The first Summer of Punk was marked in 2005 when he won the Ring Of Honor World Championship.

Punk admitted that he is thrilled to be back as he had few scores to settle. Not only that, Punk also apologized to the crowd at AEW rampage for something he did years ago. The American actor-cum-wrestler says he wants his fans to be aware of the reasons for his decision of leaving wrestling as well as know the reason for his come back. Over the past few years, CM punk has proclaimed that WWE is ruining talents. He mentioned when he left WWE, he had no other options left like AEW but now he does. All said and done, Punk is quite excited to fight with the young wrestlers.