Twitter’s new Spaces feature, know why it is needed and what it is

Twitter which is considered a very authentic and truthful social media platform when it comes to any news and statements which is given by any important public figure, The functionality and features of Twitter is quite confined than other prevailing social media applications, the major aspect in which Twitter works is tweeting and re-tweeting and all the news which is televised as breaking news is obtained from Twitter’s trending section.

Any controversy or debate and online protest start with a hashtag on Twitter and after how many re-tweets the hashtags gain, then the news becomes world trending news accordingly. Twitter is a very professional app built for the authoritative figures of the world. Youngsters are not indulged in Twitter much, and now Twitter has snapped this deficiency and trying new fun features to add to the Twitter app, Twitter has introduced a new Space function where you can go private and have your own space.

Spaces unlock conversations on Twitter with the depth and power only the human voice can bring. These ephemeral, live audio conversations allow for open, authentic, and unfiltered discussions, and there’s a Space for any and every topic and conversation, from small and intimate to millions of listeners. Said twitter in regard of the new feature.

For the same, the authorities working under and for Twitter made a page on Twitter Spaces to make this feature more understandable to users. And they can utilize this feature very efficiently

the time has arrived — we’re now rolling out the ability for everyone on iOS and Android to host a Space, if this is your first time hosting, welcome! here’s a refresher on how