UNESCO World Heritage Sites In India, You Must Visit Atleast Once.


United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) is an organization to preserve historical monuments and diversified cultures of every tribe and country. Moreover, they work in the education and science domain.

The idea behind UNESCO is to promote the quality of education to children and to facilitate scientific development and to make understand cultural values and sustain them in changing era.

In India, UNESCO labeled 40 heritage sites as UNESCO world heritage sites. This label helps to promote tourism and people to know more about what kind of life lived by an ancient civilization.

Dholavira: the Harrapan city

In the state Gujarat, one of the world best civilizations, Dholavira was a city managed so efficiently, archeological excavations proved that Dholavira was developed with great planning, water canals, residential area, farming, markets, and palaces to the cemetery

They were masters of all of them. It is hard to believe the civilization of 3000 – 1500 BCE thinks this beyond.


Khajuraho Group of temples, Madhya Pradesh:

The creation which shows the perfectionism of architecture, Khajuraho is a group of temples built by the Chandel dynasty in the 10th and 11th centuries, out of 1050 now only 20 left, but those twenty speak for the rest of the ddestroyed temples. The detailed work of idols in “Shikhar” is exceptional and each of them tells a mythological story.

Humayun’s tomb, Delhi :

Built-in1570, the grand tomb of Humayun is one of the imperial Mughal architect examples. The tomb is very significant in Islam which is why craftsmen were ccalled from Persia, Arabs were called to accompany Indian craftsmen, not just a tomb they also constructed chaar – baug ( a lush green garden in four quadrants) and a pool with fountains.

Rockshelter of Bhimbhetka, Madhya Pradesh:

Caves telling stories of how people fight for livelihood in the stone age, folks from that generation painted their stories on the wall of caves, they dye about hunting, and fire demonstrating the idea of rock painting.

Churches and Convents, Goa:

If you want to experience the Portuguese without going to Portugal, Churches, and Convents of goa give the exact same vibes of the holy Christ, medieval paintings of Manueline, mannerist and baroque arts from the 15th and 16th centuries. St. Francis Xavier church is must visit place especially in time of Christmas and new year.