Unexplored Sceneries of Tamil Nadu

Take a look at these 5 unexplored places in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state known for its vibrant culture, fascinating arts, wonderful temples, picturesque hill stations, and delicious food, is a fantastic vacation destination for all types of travelers. Traveling across the state is a lovely experience, especially spending time with loved ones in the picturesque hill stations amid the natural settings.

Dhanushkodi: Reaching Dhanushkodi – the undiscovered beach town – would be a breeze with your Tamil Nadu vehicle hire. It’s a site where the beach is pristine and the sea is clear, eager to welcome you with open arms to relax. Exploring this place seems all the more delightful without the crowds of residents and visitors. The Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park, which is located near the shore, is a must-see for anybody interested in seeing the region’s unique species. And the enchantment of this site remains the same no matter what time of year you visit!

Kolli Hills: You may not have heard of Kolli Hills, yet it is a little hill station known for its natural beauty. It is concealed from most tourists’ eyes, which makes it all the more appealing. Kolli Hills is a group of hills in the Salem area that sits at an elevation of 1300 meters. Traveling is an experience in itself since the road features multiple hairpin curves that make the ride highly exciting. Arapaleeswarar temple, Agaya Gangai waterfalls, Siddhar Caves, Botanical Garden, Masila Falls, and Selur View Point are among the major attractions in the hill station.

Kotagiri: Do you enjoy visiting little, off-the-beaten-path hill towns? Don’t they evoke a wonderful sense of immaculate purity and coziness in you? Kotagiri is one such little hill town near Ooty. We refer to it as one of Tamil Nadu’s most picturesque and secret hill stations. You’ll undoubtedly like the views and natural beauty of this location. However, there are some unique attractions to see here, such as the Kodanad View-Point and the Rangaswamy Pillar. Between December and February, come to this hill station to experience misty mornings and foggy nights in a lovely home in the midst of lush foliage.

Pollachi: Pollachi, a big town near Coimbatore, is a popular tourist destination. It’s essentially a marketing hub. Many items are sold here, including jaggery, vegetables, and livestock. Many movies are shot here because of the picturesque splendor. Nearby lies the Azhiyar Dam, which is frequented by many monkeys and is popular with tourists due to its surreal beauty. This location is very close to the Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Another popular tourist destination is the Parambikulam Dam and National Park. There are several temples in the area, notably Maasani Amman Temple. Pollachi has a lot of natural beauty and is worth a visit in the winter.

Tharangambadi: It is one of Tamil Nadu’s most beautiful tourist sites. The Danish Museum, Danish Fort, and the Sri Masilamaniswara Temple are the most popular tourist sites in the area. This village is also known as the “Village of the Dancing Waves” because it is prone to flooding and was once the site of a tsunami that killed approximately 800 fishermen. A vintage hotel has also been transformed from a 150-year-old structure. As a result, finding a place to stay in this location is not a problem.

But apart from these, there is so much more this beautiful state has got to show you.