Unknown painting by El Greco found in Spain

The Center d’Art d’Època Moderna (CAEM) at the University of Spain studied the previously unknown painting owned by a private collector. CAEM’s research believes the painting was made by El Greco himself, not by his students or workshops. The small painting is of Jesus Christ wearing a thorn crown and carrying a cross, which has never been showcased before.

Previously Unknown El Greco Painting Authenticated in Spain – ARTnews.com

The professor of Art history and director of CAEM worked with the late Carmen Garrido, founder of Prado Museum’s technical documentation cabinet and researcher Mariona Navarroon this attribution. The team studied the work from the collections of El Greco Museum in Madrid and compared the refine strokes and the work of art of the unknown painting.

It is to be believed that the artist never showcased the painting because it was specially painted for a private oratory. The research team tributes this research to their team member Carmen Garrido as she died suddenly on December 8.