Unsung dishes from Hungary to try at home

Congratulation to us for having Hungarian cuisine recipes when we are hungry, the best recipes picked from a wide and variety of Hungarian cuisine. Hungarian cuisine is quite uncommon in Asia but yes, it is very adored in European countries. So in this segment, we are going to look and find Hungarian recipes to cook at home.

1). Langos :

So, this recipe is for those who love pizza but they are Hungary. Langos is Hungarian pizza made out of sourdough and dough consisting of all-purpose flour, activated yeast, salt and oil and once the dough had raised enough they make circular bread-like chapati and fry it, and then spread a mixture of garlic, sour cream, and cheese and add some extra grated cheese over it.

2). Rakott krumpli :

Rakott Krumpli is a Hungarian afternoon meal to give you everything flavour on the same plate. To make this you need to slice potatoes, eggs, sausage and cheese ( Cheddar) and sequentially place them in the baking tin. And spread sour cream between the layers. That bake until the dish turns golden brown.

3). Körözött :

It is not that complicated to make as the name suggests, it is a dip for bread and bun served as side dishes in Hungary which is made with different kinds of cheese cottage cheese, parmesan, cheddar cheese all these are heating up in an with some butter and red paprika and it is ready when the cheese is melted completely.

4). Kürtős Kalács ( Chimney Cake ) :

The cake is a thing which we love irrespective of its glare all that matter to us is its taste. The chimney cake of Hungary is the same fruit from a different tree to make this one you need a have a bowl of flour, egg, sugar, salt and add egg, milk, butter, activated year, and sugar together to make a dough, roll the dough in a sheet and cut den the slices and coat them in sugar then bake. P.S you need to have a mould for this which are available online.