Upcoming Crypto and Stock Crash: Russia to disconnect from global internet

The Crypto Market and Stock Market in India are crashing severely since the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Its been two weeks since the war started and there are no updates about when there will be peace declared between the two countries. Russia and Ukraine both have lost lives of their soldiers and warcraft while the people around the world have lost their money in stocks and crypto coins.

The crash started on the day when Russia announced special military operations in Ukraine and no markets around the world have recovered after that crash. In India, Oil companies’ stocks are soaring as the prices of petrol are rumored to increase in the coming days following the war between the two countries.

A few hours ago, a rumor came out saying the Russia is going to disconnect internet services in the country from 11th March and if this happens, the markets will crash down especially Crypto Market as Russia is the biggest country where crypto currencies are mined and if the country stops internet services even for a day, the miners wont be able to do their work while foreign investors wont be able to invest in our stocks and they will get dormant.

A couple of months ago, Kazakhstan had a war going on and they too disabled its internet services. Kazakhstan is the second largest hub for crypto mining after Russia and after the disconnection of internet, the market crashed severely and has not bounced back to its old prices until now. No one can imagine what will happen if Russia goes forward with this move.

Investors around the globe will be hoping that Russia does not do anything that causes havoc among the investors and create heavy losses from which recovery would be impossible. The only tip I would like to give is that study the marker closely and if you feel Russia will go forward with this move, take your further steps regarding investments, accordingly.