Urbanity merging with transparency

We are hiding nothing from you

Urban Company has rolled out initiatives geared towards employee welfare, amidst widespread disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. In times of Covid where massive people were unemployed; the Urban company has been supporting its employees. The company has committed to not let go of any employees. It has onboarded 100+ new hires since March. However, there is a hiring freeze in place.
Employees also now get a new sick leave policy, effective immediately across geographies. In the revised policy, they have removed any cap on sick leave. If an employee falls sick, he/she can take as many leaves and not worry about the leave balance. The company has also rolled out ‘Project Josh’, an initiative to instill excitement among employees and keep them motivated in tough times. They have launched Urban Academy as the learning and development platform, for people to be able to pick up skills and learn new things while being away from the office. They initiated to help the employees for any help whether financial or moral help.


Urban Company has taken moment to showcase transparency by drafting their financial accounts and employee’s welfare and bring positive improvement in two key areas of partner experience — partner earnings and partner livelihood.
  1. Service pricing changes: For better take-home earnings for our partners, UC has marginally increased prices of several high demand services across categories.
  2. Commissions: For Beauty categories (in which almost all women partners work) and seeing the impact of COVID-19 and other factors, they have reduced the highest commission slab from 30% to 25%. Earlier, commissions ranged from 8.5% for small orders to 30% for high-ticket orders.
  3. Reducing monetary penalties significantly: In order to minimize penalties as much as possible and envisage a platform where no penalties are needed over time. There was no cap on penalties charged per month per partner, which was recently changed to put a maximum cap of Rs 3,000 on monthly penalties charged per partner. They further reduced the maximum cap on monthly penalties per partner per month to Rs 1,500.

  4. Product pricing and deductions:  For any new product launches, deductions will be made after the products are delivered to partners and post their consent. They have reduced product prices of high-demand products by almost 10%. It is important to convey that UC sells genuine, high-quality products to our partners, and passes on almost all benefits of bulk procurement to them.

  5. Last-minute cancellation by customers: By recently introducing a cancellation fee to deter customers from making last-minute cancellations. To compensate for the travel cost borne by partners whenever last-minute cancellations happen, the entire amount collected from customers for cancellations will be transferred to partners.

  6. Partner livelihood: They believe in catering to their partner. Enabling our partners through skilling, providing them with a support ecosystem through vaccination support, insurance, loans etc have been their core business philosophy and strategy.

    1. Dedicated women safety & SOS helpline: Making efforts towards focused initiatives of our 40% female partner population base, they will carve out a dedicated SOS helpline for women partners to further enable women specific focus and immediate resolution.
    2. Skilling and partner rating mechanism: We will be modifying our logic of partner ratings to not just focus on very recent order feedback but also incorporate ratings from older orders. This has been a place that UC has historically invested heavily and today it has more than 200 full time trainers who are focused on training and building up the skills of our partners.
    3. Dignity of work: To ensure all partners are treated fairly, they have started sensitizing our customers on the app to provide both water and usage of the bathroom for partners. The system will ensure customers who are rated low by a partner will not be assigned back to the partner for overall improved experience on both sides. Furthermore, customers who mistreat partners will be blocked from using the Urban Company platform.
    4. Vaccination support: Currently 93% of the base is one dose vaccinated and > 50%+ is two doses vaccinated. The cost of these vaccinations have been borne by UC.
    5. Insurance: They will simplify the claims process for life and accidental insurance available to all partners, and the health insurance available to our UC Plus partners. UC will be setting up a dedicated helpdesk at our end to facilitate claim filing and reimbursement.

    here is the UC earning index-