Vacation Calling! Ease My Trip Enchanting Festive Offers On Every Ticket Booking

Lockdown due to COVID-19 was enormously bad for the tourism sector of every country, International and national borders were sealed and no one was allowed to step out without urgency. This makes a huge downfall in revenue earning for those who are engaged in providing services for travel and tourism.

To compensate and bear this loss of the consecutive 2 years, Travel and tourism are trying every single step to follow to save their business and re-earn at least what they have lost. For this reason, One of the best online ticket booking company Ease My Trip is trying to attract travelers to make trips and book tickets via them.

Prashant Pitti, co-founder at Ease-MyTrip said the pandemic was tough for all and this year everyone wants to make the most of the arriving traffic. “That’s why various hotels and airlines are running more offers than last year. EaseMyTrip is running plenty of offers with various banks and wallets during this festive season across flights, hotels, bus and trains,”

“Offers such as FestiveSale where users will get up to 25% off on all domestic flights are one of the most popular offers right now. Additionally, we continue to extend our free full refund on domestic flights in case our users due to medical reasons.

  • ​You can book a hotel room @ 35% Off from Friday to Saturday, Using code EMTBOOK, booking period till 31st of October.
  • ​25% of discount on all domestic flights tickets, Indigo, Air Asia, jet connect, Vistara, Go first, spice jet, offer available till 31st of October.
  • All enchanting deals on bus ticket booking, just in 500/- INR more details check out the link.
  •  Moreover, Refer and Earn option, coupons are available on online shopping sites Like, on purchase, easy ticket cancellation, and Full Refund.