Valentine’s Week: A guide to the week and ideas about what can you do

Valentine’s Week starts from 7th February and goes on till 14th February each year.

Valentine’s Week which is also known as Lover’s Week is celebrated all over the world by couples and people who love each other. It lasts for 8 days and each day marks a different way of celebrating with each other. People treat their loved ones with utmost love and respect and care during this week and make promises share gifts and celebrate their love.

A guide to the week-

7th Feb- Rose Day

8th Feb- Propose Day

9th Feb- Chocolate Day

10th Feb- Teddy Day

11th Feb- Promise Day

12th Feb – Hug Day

13th Feb- Kiss day

14th Feb- Valentine’s day

Here is what do can do to celebrate  this week:

On the first day which is the Rose day, you can bring a beautiful bouquet of roses of different colors like yellow, red, pink, white, etc, and give to your Valentine this amazing bouquet on this day.

On the second day which is known as Propose day, you can meet your Valentine and take her to an exotic location with an amazing view and bend down on one knee and propose her to be your Valentine forever.

The third day is the Chocolate day. It is a fact that most people like chocolates and you just have to know which chocolate does your Valentine like. Bring a chocolate bouquet of their favorite chocolate for him/her on this day and make them happy.

Teddy day comes fourth and usually only the guys give gifts on this day as the gift has to be a teddy and this is something which usually  only girls like to have. The guys give their Valentine, a cute and playful teddy.

Promise day is the most important day for many people. Both, the boy and the girl, promise each other that they will love each other forever and never let go. You can just meet your Valentine on this day and do nothing special except telling each other how they feel and promising each other about the things that they truly feel.

Hug Day comes third last in the week’s list. Couples meet and hug each other as hug is the classic sign of love. Go with your Valentine at a peaceful place without any disturbances and spend some time together and hug each other.

Kiss day come before the big day. On this day you can go somewhere romantic and spend quality time together and kiss each other which is a special moment for most people out there.

The last is the Valentine’s Day which is on 14th February. A couple can book a romantic dinner at an extremely romantic place with candles and flowers and an amazing romantic setting of memories with each other and exchange meaningful gifts.