Velle marks the fun of school days and mess that haunts the present

Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas Karan Deol debuted in the industry but the movie didn’t do well and then this is the second film after the pandemic. Hopes are high from the actor as his father and grandfather were the most loved actors. The trailer of Velle opens up to three friends who are least interested in studying and having fun at all times. They meet a girl Riya who is now a part of this trio and enjoy life together. one day Riya’s father insults them and to take revenge, they decide to fake kidnap Riya. But things turn when Riya is kidnapped and while investigating all evidence is against them. In the change of scenario, Abhay Deol says this story to Mouni Roy. Now these boys have to rescue their friends and also clean their names.

The two-minute-long trailer promises a joyride filled with excitement and laughter. Touted to be a crime-comedy, Velle is slated to release on December 10 in theatres. It is produced by superstar Ajay Devgn and directed by debutante Deven Munjal. The film is said to be the Hindi adaptation of the Telugu movie Brochevarevarura. Taking a look at the poster resembles the Three Monkeys of Gandhi-Hear no evil, Say no Evil, and See no Evil.

Abhay plays Rishi, a writer-director pitching a film to Rohini (Mouni Roy), an actor. He narrates the story of three friends – Rahul, Rambo, and Raju – who are idlers and get poor grades in school. They befriend the principal’s daughter Riya and the four soon become the R4 gang. Riya urges the other three to fake her kidnapping to teach her father a lesson but things go haywire when she gets kidnapped for real.