Visit the unexplored in Himachal Pradesh

There are numerous hidden jewels in Himachal that most people are unaware of.

Consider a snowy getaway, and your mind will transport you to Himachal Pradesh’s gorgeous rolling hills and the charming hill cities of Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala. Himachal Pradesh, on the other hand, is not restricted to the same old hotspots.
So, here are some fantastic unusual, and untapped Himachal Pradesh attractions that you must visit on your next vacation.

Barog: Located on the Kalka-Shimla Highway in the Solan region, Barog is a lovely stopping place on the route to Shimla. Barog has a beautiful setting, surrounded by pine and oak trees. The Churdhar Peak, which translates to ‘Mountain of the Silver Bangle,’ is seen from the charming tiny settlement. Barog is quietly but steadily gaining popularity as a business retreat resort.

Chindi: Chindi is a lovely off-the-beaten-path location in Karsog Valley, located on the Shimla-Mandi highway through Tattapani. The town, which is around 90 kilometers from Shimla, is known for its many sacred temples, including Mahunag Temple, Mamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Kamakshi Devi Temple, Pangna Killa Temple, and Shikari Devi Temple. Various apple plantations and dense pine forests dot the terrain here. The 2-mile Bakrote hike, which leads to Shikari Devi Temple, is one of the most thrilling treks in Chindi.

Hampta Pass: This is a lesser-known hideaway in Himachal Pradesh’s heartland. It is a narrow corridor between Lahaul and Kullu valleys, located at an elevation of 4270 meters in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas. A tourist to Hamta will be rewarded with magnificent vistas of lush green valleys, snow-capped summits, and desolate hills of all sizes and shapes. The Hampta Pass walk is a nice alternative to the busy Rohtang Pass car route.

Jalori Jot: One of Himachal’s top walking paths, Jalori Jot is blessed with unspoiled natural beauty. Staying in Shoja and driving down to Jalori Jot to progress strolling to the popular Sareyol Lake alongside the Jalori Jot temple on the left from the main street or taking the route towards a historic fort are both as thrilling. A word of caution, however: this track necessitates the use of quality travel shoes. Before reaching the lake, the walk is about 4 kilometers long. It’s a must-see for individuals who want to spend some time in nature without participating in too many touristy activities.

Kheerganga: This is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most beautiful and distinctive spots, tucked away in the charming Parvati Valley in the Kullu district. To get here, one must first go to Barsaini, from there they must hike for four hours to Kheerganga. Lord Shiva is supposed to have meditated for thousands of years in this area. The most stunning aspect of this location, though, is its hot spring, where visitors may genuinely relax and recuperate after a long journey since this spring is also said to have medicinal capabilities.

Malana: Malana is one of India’s most beautiful villages. Malana is a tiny hamlet in the Kullu area that sleeps peacefully. There are several legends around this lovely location. Malana’s presence has been discussed in many legends over the years. It is located in Parvati Valley and is home to a few families that have lived here for quite some time. The most intriguing detail about this unusual area is that its residents are said to be direct ancestors of Alexander the Great. The region has its own set of administrative rules and procedures, which are quite similar to the Greek administrative system. The magnificent Chandrakhani and Deotibba peaks tower over the town, shielding it from the elements.

Rakcham: Surrounded by pure white mountains, the Rakcham valley is another undiscovered gem. Rakcham is a traveler’s paradise since the River Baspa meanders along the side. The settlement is located halfway between Sangla and Chitkul, close to the Indo-Tibetan border. With two Hindu temples and a Buddhist temple, Rakcham is a mix of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs. Musk Deer, Goral, Blue Sheep, Brown Trout, Himalayan Black Bear, and Leopard are among the Himalayan creatures that may be found in the area.

Shoja: Shoja, although being tainted by tourism and commercialization, is a wonderful spot to unwind and take in the clear mountain air away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is notable for its Serloskar Lake, which is noted for its spectacular appearance at sunset. It is located in the Seraj Valley. One may take a leisurely stroll around the area or find their way into the region’s revitalizing fields. It’s only a short walk to the falls, where people may cool off in the water or relax in the sun while sipping a drink.

Many people are unaware of Himachal Pradesh’s exquisite treasures. These pristine and virgin villages and valleys, just waiting to be found, will thoroughly revive your heart and spirit. Keep these hidden gems on your to-do list and take the route less traveled to see them the next time you’re in the area.