Vitamin C infused skincare from Good Vibes to make you look bright and glossy

more festivals are coming to closer, skincare and grooming companies are introducing new products every day from their labs to us, from massage to serum every company is trying to launch a new product in the market to make you look beautiful epitome and centre of the attraction in the fiesta. So, one of the leading skincare companies in India Good Vibes is also introducing a new product a massager cum face wash. Which will help you to prepare your skin after makeup and cleansing your skin for removing makeup because both of the processes are equally important.

Good Vibes launched its new face wash with a massager brush so you don’t need to rub your hands on your face for cleaning all the makeup and pollution.  The massager brush is so soft and relaxing that it will make you feel that you’re rubbing a feature on your face and it is solid enough to remove all the dirt particles and make your skin look clear and smooth.

Start your festive skincare routine with a skin-brightening cleanser which comes with a built-in brush to aid you in deep pore cleansing!

Maintains Moisture Level
Aids in Dead Cell Removal
Promotes Even Skin Tone

Mentioned in the Instagram post from Good Vibes at the launch of this product.

They have also provided a separate link to buy this Vitamin C infused massager face wash so you can click and directly order from an authentic website.

Moreover, this Vitamin C infused foaming case wash with a massager is also available at Purple and Nykaa at 349 INR only.