Walk around the world from one City, Pavilions from Expo Dubai 2020

After a year of delay due to this deadly coronavirus pandemic, Expo 2020 finally happened in Dubai.

World Expo is an exhibition to showcase the innovations that are shaping the world. 191 countries participate in this exhibition. In this exhibition, the best food, culture, innovations, technology etc are showcased from around the globe.

The 1st expo was held in London’s Crystal Palace in 1851. They are held every 5 years since 1851 and it lasts for 6 months. In Milan 2015, the last expo was held with the theme of feeding the planet and energy for life. The world’s greatest innovations have been showcased here like the 1st television, the 1st telephone, etc also food like popcorn, Heinz ketchup has debuted in this exhibition.

Expo 2020 was scheduled in Dubai but because of the pandemic, it was held back. Now it’s starting from 1st of October 2021 to 31st March 2022. The icon for this year’s Expo is the world’s largest unsupported dome, Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai. For the 1st time in history, all the participating countries will have their own pavilion to showcase the best from the nation. Take a look at these most unique pavilions of Expo 2020.

1) Hungary

The pavilion’s double-shelled timber structure is absolutely unique in the UAE. The architect of the pavilion is Imre Makovecz Foundation. It is built using dry technology which significantly reduced the need for water.

2) Zimbabwe

The design of the pavilion is inspired by the Great Zimbabwe site. The architecture of the pavilion is Thematic District Pavilion. The focus of the pavilion is people, heritage, culture, and fertile land, as well as highlight our vision of embracing technology and a better smart life for the people. The walls have been designed to give a three-dimensional feel of the savanna, fascinating wildlife and nature, blue skies, and amazing sunsets.

3) Norway

The Pavilion is designed by Rintala Eggertsson. The main theme of the pavilion is deep blue ocean and sustainable ocean solution. The pavilion’s unique design will take you beneath the sea to explore solutions that could help tackle our ocean’s environmental challenges.

4) India

The Pavilion of India showcases India’s commitment to the philosophy of लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु (Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu), which means, “May everyone, in the whole world, be happy.” The primary focus of the pavilion will be Climate and Biodiversity, Space, Urban and Rural Development, Tolerance and Inclusivity, Golden Jubilee, Knowledge and Learning, Travel and Connectivity, Global Goals, Health and Wellness, Food Agriculture and Livelihoods, and Water, each having a dedicated zone all underneath one gigantic roof. It is designed by Dikshu Kukreja.

5) UAE

UAE has its own pavilion designed by Santiago Calatrava. It resembles the falcon in flight. It’s an iconic structure that tells the story of the UAE as a global hub, the vision of its leaders to create a peaceful and progressive society with ambitious plans for the future.

All the pavilions have their own iconic inspiration and it feels like taking a world tour from one city. It’s the world’s 1st expo to be held in the MEASA region and it’ll be the world’s largest event.