War star Hrithik Roshan jaw dropping fitness for upcoming movie “fighter”

One of the most attractive male celebrities of the Bollywood industry, Hrithik Roshan has crush of millions of girls because of his pleasing looks, personality and his extraordinary dancing skills. Hrithik is recently done his jaw dropping body transformation for his upcoming film titled ‘Fighter’.

He took his social media handle and posted a jaw dropping fitness of his body, where he wrote “When the diet n sleep score is on point , it feels so good.” While sharing he made it clear in the caption that he is serving it as a reminder that he doesn’t have to deviate.

He also explained that how a good die and sleep are so easy sounding but most of us fail in balancing them, because it needs a quiet mind and disciplined days.

He spoke about meditation, how it has changed his life and said that “What has helped me change my course and up my joy is mediation. Sounds so boring. But once you give it enough time , magical things happen. I started with 10 mins a year ago. An today an hour seems less”.