We Are In A Constant Quarrel With These Hashtags

We live in the world of hashtags

Daily, people are expressing their innermost thoughts with a #hashtag. let’s go back in time when it all started with a metadata tag that was only meant for voicemail like ‘to record a message press hash’.

Now it’s just an expression for fun and leisure. We lead movements with these hashtags. we are using it all places and these are trending on every social media platform. it started with Twitter but now it has taken up all the social media platforms; our world is now center on these tags.

Nobody knew that one day one symbol can become as big as the Burj khalifa. #hapinessoverloaded, #feelingpuckish,#blackistheneworange and I’m running out of hashtags. From being a socialist to keeping it low-key, hashtags are becoming trendy day by day. It is like a rating card,’ how much you rate your emotions..hashtag it’.

Our lives have been constrained to these barriers of tags. Life has much more than just hashtags; so much is consumed in the tags we hashtag and then breathe. The workplaces like the media industries have created an environment to tag for more views. everywhere traffic to be seen first. Celebrities tags, concert tags.. you name it will appear faster than you think, or should it be faster than lightning.