What are some of the most exorbitant pieces of jewellery in the world?

Great wars have been fought, thousands of lives lost in the name of some obscure pieces of chunks unearthed from deep soil. Yes, you got it right, precious pieces of jewels have an illustrious history. These lustrous hypnotizing mined rocks come in a variety of forms – diamond, rubies, emerald, jade, etc. 

The Hope Diamond

Valued around a mindboggling $250 million this is the most expensive piece of jewel ever found. The 45.52 carat stone with a deep blue accent lures you into its glory instatntly. Due to traces of boron particle in the diamond, it shines when light sources are removed. As a result, many myths accompanied this ancient jewel along its controversial history. One of the most popular narratives is regarding the curse this diamond behold. This made it ironically one of the most sought after jewels throughout our history. The diamond now rests in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Image: Photographed by Mbalotia/Public domain

Oppenheimer Blue

This blue vivid emerald-cut jewel was mined in South Africa speculated to be from De Beers mine’s and is valued at around $57.5 million. In 2006 the emerald was auctioned out to an anonymous bidder. After its discovery, it was acquired by Sir Phillip Oppenheimer as a gift to his wife and in the process names the stone- Oppenheimer.

Image: www.thejewelleryeditor.com

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace

This gold and diamond based jewel is 18K gold with 407.48 carats of diamond. The locket consists of a yellow flawless diamond. This piece of the jewel was auctioned by Mouawad a luxury good company based in Switzerland for a whopping $55 million in 2013. The yellow diamond at the center was discovered 30 years ago by a young girl in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Image: Mouawad

Blue Moon of Josephine

Another diamond from South Africa, discovered in 2014 was bought by a Hong Kong billionaire named Joseph Lau Luen-hung for his daughter. This blue accent diamond is valued at around $55 million. It was found by Petra Diamonds and is 29.6 carats of diamond.

Image: Refinery29

Pink Star

This 59.6-carat pink accent diamond is originally cut from the 132.5-carat diamond. It was mined in 1999 by the world-famous diamond miners Dee beers from a South African mine. This is rated as the largest flawless diamond by international organizations. The Chow Tai Enterprises auctioned out this pink extravaganza in 2017.

Image: geologyin.com