WhatsApp To Introduce Voice Record Pause Feature To Make App More Convenient

WhatsApp, The world’s most important communication chat application is working harder every single day to make the app more efficient, easy and convenient for the users because still Whatsapp lack many features which are laying it back to the competitors like Telegram, Signal, And Facebook Messenger. Earlier Whatsapp introduced a Money transfer feature but it was not that successful as the existing fund transfer applications like Google pay, Paytm, and Phone pay is doing their jobs well so users do not feel the need to use Whatsapp for this purpose, And also Whatsapp gained some disdain in the recent previous year due to its data leak and data-sharing issues.

But now Whatsapp is working on another feature to add in listen to voice messages and Pausing while recording what today’s scene is when we press the mic button message starts to record and gets send right after the button is unpressed. Whether we want to send it or not and if you want to correct the voice not you have to delete the whole recording and start from the beginning, also it is observed sometimes due to this function accidentally people send random voice notes to anyone (especially Millennials) this can be risky enough because messages are sent without your awareness.

So these are the problems with the WhatsApp’s Voice Note function which needs to correct on time before WhatsApp make his users shift to another different chatting apps, and WhatsApp Market capitalization goes down.

But after this Voice Record Pause Feature is added we are presuming that we will be able to pause the voice note and resume it again when we’re ready to deliver the next part of the speech. And it will get sent when we allow it by tapping in the green arrow option.