Which musical legend would earn the most on Spotify today?

Here are five male artists who would earn the most on Spotify today.

The music business is still split on whether streaming services are harmful or beneficial. It’s difficult to conceive how some of our collective culture’s biggest stars – many of whom are no longer alive – would have fared in a creative atmosphere that mainly relies on the internet economy to survive. That is, until now.
According to a review of Elvis Presley’s, Jimi Hendrix’s, and Aretha Franklin’s listener and following profiles, some of these performers might have been making a lot of money using methods that didn’t exist at the time of their careers.

Is it, though, as much as you’d expect?

Bob Marley: Bob Marley may have lower Spotify numbers than some of the other artists on our list, but he outperforms them all when it comes to Instagram, which will be the most financially lucrative platform in 2021. Marley has 6 million active followers, putting him in the company of some of the world’s top celebrities. We can’t envision the reggae dynamo succumbing to influencer culture in the way that it has been so popular over the last decade. But if he did, it would cost him €1.45 million.

Estimated earnings: €1.45 million

Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley, the ‘King of Rock n Roll,’ is our second biggest earner. His early death meant he hardly saw the emergence of CDs, let alone streaming. He was known for his quiff, acute sense of style, and industry-shaking singing. Elvis would have benefited from 13.5 million monthly Spotify streams if he had been alive in the period we now live in. It’s a sizable number, but it doesn’t come close to matching his physical ubiquity. Elvis Presley’s best-selling album, ‘Elvis’ Christmas Album,’ is in the hands of 20 million people.

Estimated earnings: €1.38 million


David Bowie: Bowie’s elegance and splendor have led to 1.9 million Instagram followers as his estate highlight the finest songs, looks, and artifacts from his career as a crucial British singer. His creative output was unstoppable, and he had a strong predilection for surprise releases. These features combined would have been well-suited to the current scenario of digital releases. This isn’t to suggest he didn’t have a keen sense of what was fresh in the music industry. In 1998, he was one of the first musicians to use a website called ‘BowieNet’ to engage with fans.

Estimated earnings: €1.2 million

Frank Sinatra: There’s a reason Frank Sinatra has sold more than 150 million albums worldwide, thanks to his swing and jazz songs. This fact is easy to calculate thanks to songs like ‘My Way,’ ‘That’s Life,’ and ‘Somethin’ Stupid.’ The idea of Sinatra having an active Youtube account is a little easier to swallow. But if he did, depending on the number of people who are still watching his music videos in 2021, he might have made roughly €500,000 per year.

Estimated earnings: €1.17 million

Johnny Cash: Despite the fact that he died 18 years ago, the ‘Man in Black’ continues to inspire legions of internet listeners — 10 million people every month on Spotify, to be precise. These figures include money from Spotify, Youtube, and Instagram, so it’s probable that the country star’s earnings would exceed a million if other music outlets were included, such as Apple Music and Deezer. Cash had a net worth of €53 million and was still recording songs every few years until he died at the age of 71. Even casual admirers were given shivers when ‘Hurt’ was released the year before he died.

Estimated earnings: €940,000