Who Is Naomi Osaka And What’s Her Say On Women’s Health Issue? Know Here

Naomi Osaka is a Japanese professional tennis player. She has been ranked No.1 by the Women’s Tennis Association and is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles. She is also a four-time Grand Slam Single’s Champion and is the reigning champion at US Open and the Australian Open. Recently, she graced the cover of Women’s Health’s September Issue. The 23-year old had a lot to say regarding the mental health struggles that lead her to pull out from the Grand Slam tournament in meanwhile detailing the steps she has taken to protect her well-being in wake of the controversy. Osaka used her platforms in many powerful ways in 2021. She mentioned about topics from mental health and media following her, pulling out from French Open to her stirring piece written for Time Magazine earlier this year. She has come up as a powerful and bold role model in front of many people. In a piece written by his Plosser for Women’s Health, Osaka dived into growing up, the media and her desire to help others. The media used to call her shy but she broke all the myths in in one of her interviews saying that “Growing up being labeled ‘the quiet one’ puts one in a box and even worse, makes one stand out when one wants to blend in.” She also mentioned that she tries to embrace and own it.

Osaka made it clear that she will continue to embrace who she is and will not change for anyone, especially the press. She further mentioned that she never wanted media training because she didn’t want to change her personality as a caused response that didn’t feel like her. Yes, some people may find her personality different, just as they do in mixed-race background, but she finds it to be the thing that makes her uniquely herself. When she had to speak about her mental health journey, she told that she hopes she was able to help some people and for them to see that even athletes are human-like rest of the people and everyone is dealing with something in their lives. She further added that she could see that people can be more than just one thing like more than just someone who plays tennis. On being asked about her skin, she replied that she has been playing in Sun since the age of 3 and never thought about sun protection or care. She never imagined how eye-opening the statistics on skin cancer in brown and black skin would be. Naomi added that she wanted to dispel the myth that just because one has dark skin does mean one doesn’t need to take care of and protect their skin.