Who is Rishi Sunak, other than a possible candidate for the PM of the UK?

Living in Kirby Sigston, which is a little village near Northallerton, Rishi Sunak is someone who has observed and served his local community with utmost dedication. As the Member of Parliament for Richmond in Yorkshire, he has always sought to make a good impact in people’s lives, and he was first elected to represent this excellent constituency in 2015, then re-elected in 2017 and 2019.

He has had the good fortune of having a successful business career. He was a co-founder of a huge investment business that worked with firms all around the world, from Silicon Valley to Bangalore. Then he put his skills to work assisting tiny and enterprising British businesses in their growth. He has experienced firsthand how governments should promote free enterprise and innovation to safeguard our future prosperity, from working in his mother’s little chemist shop to his experience developing enormous corporations.

His parents went to considerable lengths to ensure that he could attend top schools. He had the good fortune to attend Winchester College, Oxford University, and Stanford University to further his education. That encounter altered his life, and he is now dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to a high-quality education. He has served as a school governor, a member of a big youth club’s board of directors, and has always contributed his time to educational programmes that promote opportunity.

He has had the good fortune to live, study, and work all around the world. He met his wife, Akshata, in California, where they resided for a few years before moving back to India. Krishna and Anoushka are their two daughters.

He was named Chief Secretary to the Treasury in July 2019, after joining the government as the Minister for Local Government in January 2018. He was given the honour of being named Chancellor of the Exchequer in February 2020.

Given his backdrop and his nature and since the ‘partygate’ incident broke, the name of Rishi Sunak has been doing the rounds. If we follow what international media reports are saying, the next British Prime Minister might be the Indian-origin businessman.