Wiggles, a pet parenting company, acquires Capt Zack, a pet supplies company

Wiggles, a D2C pet care company located in Pune, announced on Thursday, March 30, that it had agreed to buy rival company Capt Zack for cash and stock. Wiggles was established in 2018 and has since become one of India’s top D2C pet care brands, providing a variety of products for dogs and cats, including food, treats, and toys. The business has developed a reputation for its cutting-edge goods and dedication to the well-being and health of pets.

Wiggles declared that it purchased a 100% share in Capt Zack without revealing the deal’s value. The merger will expand both brands’ product lines and enable Wiggles to access more markets and areas.

The natural pet grooming line by Capt Zack, which was established in 2017, includes shampoos, conditioners, and sprays. With its high-quality products and emphasis on pet wellbeing, the company has established a solid position in the Indian market and amassed a devoted following of clients.

It is anticipated that the acquisition of Capt Zack will improve Wiggles’ product line and solidify the company’s position in the cutthroat pet care industry. The acquisition is a logical fit because the two businesses have comparable visions and principles. When the two businesses combine their teams, procedures, and supply chains, the purchase is anticipated to result in increased operational effectiveness and cost savings for both. The combined business will be able to better meet the demands of pet owners throughout India thanks to its larger client base and a greater selection of products.