Wish to ride a Luxury Car? Here is the rental listings of the same in India

Many dream to own a luxury car, but now it’s quite easy for everyone to be able to fulfill this beautiful dream. Yes, you read that right! With rental options available, driving luxury cars is no more a task. Often people rent it for some hours or days and fulfill their wish and experience the feeling of travelling in a luxurious and premium cars. Below listed are some of the luxury cars that one can find on rent:

It is a 2 seater car whose on road price is Rs. 2.30-2.70 crores. It has a whopping mileage of 67.1kmpl. Whereas if one wishes to rent it they need to pay Rs.1,50,000 from 9am to 9pm.


Having a approximate price of Rs. 95 lakhs to Rs. 2.40 crores. It has a excellent engine of 5000cc. But on renting it one needs to pay approximately Rs. 1,11,000 for using it 24 hours.

The company has launched only 6 units of this model in India having a price of Rs. 3 crores. Rs. 1,40,000 is required to paid for renting it from 9am to 9pm.

Its renting price is Rs. 78,000 for 24 hours. Its price in India is around Rs. 75 lakhs. It is believed to be one the most stylish cars in the county.

BMW 730 LD
To rent this vehicle one needs to spend Rs.50,000 to use it for 24 hours. Its price is close to around Rs.2 crores and is a 5 seater car.