With new reel ad options, Meta is prepared to expand on shifting consumer preferences

Reels are growing in popularity on Facebook and Instagram, so Meta is introducing some new ad options to assist marketers to make the most of the chances for advertising within short-form video segments.
First off, Facebook Reels will now include Meta’s Click-to-Messenger Advertising, allowing businesses to drive direct DM interaction through Reels clips.

Reels’ Click-to-Messenger advertising will have a sizable CTA button to encourage private message interaction, capitalizing on the rising popularity of both short-form video and private message connection.

It also leads to the second new feature: WhatsApp Conversion optimization is now accessible for Facebook Reels Advertising thanks to Meta.

There has been a significant change in how people engage online as more people now share content privately in direct messages (DMs) rather than publicly in news feeds. According to Meta, this is also influencing brand conversations, with a recent poll revealing that nearly 50% of Reels viewers have DM’d a brand after seeing its short-form video content.

Including WhatsApp in the mix also supports Meta’s larger goal of maximizing its business messaging prospects, an area in which it still enjoys a substantial competitive advantage over its rivals.

On a different front, Meta is also expanding the availability of support for the Advertising on Facebook Reels post engagement objective, which will give users another way to measure responses, comments, and likes and contrast them with engagement from other advertisements or campaigns.