World Heart Day’21: A day to Celebrate Or to Concern?


“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.”: Thomas Carlyle

These are the golden words for us, as we live in the digital era, one often ignores health while taking care of the rest of things. Which you are not supposed to do.

Here we are unveiling some key important points why you shouldn’t compromise with good and sound cardiovascular fitness or heart health.

According to WHO, poor functioning of the heart is one of the leading causes of 85% of death around the world, and in more detail, it is the reason for premature death and disability like paralysis and coma.

For the preventive measures, we should never pass over the symptoms that our heart shows from time to time when it starts to get unhealthy. Any unfamiliar activity you realize, do consult with your doctor. because prevention is better than cure!

A sedentary lifestyle, the habit of chain-smoking, consuming alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any other, cannabis, must be avoided at any cost. These are the reason for heart health corruption.

Try to add more fibers, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, and use low-fat milk and low cholesterol cooking oil. It would help you much to enrich the good health of the heart. It is requested by many physicians to call this shot.

Moreover, what you can do is Yoga, Exercise, and strive to breathe fresh in the early morning as much as you can not just not for the sake of heart health but for your whole body.