World’s most enormous zoo to be inaugurated at Gujarat by Reliance

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is preparing to construct the world’s biggest zoo in Jamnagar, Gujarat. There is green signal given by the State and the Central Government. The Chairman of RIL said that the construction has been delayed due to the pandemic but will be completed within a span of 2 years. The name of the zoo as per the details by the Central Zoo Authority will be ‘Greens Zoological, Rescue and Rehabilitation Kingdom’. “The zoo will be even bigger than the zoo at Singapore which is 69 acres big whereas this zoo will be constructed on 300 acres of land,” stated the Corporate Director of RIL Mr.Parmil Nathwani. Withing a span of sometime the animals of various species will be brought over there. Animals from within the country and all over world will be kept in the zoo. Animals like Bengal tiger, Orangutan,African lion, Cheetah, Indian wolf, Jaguar,Asiatic lion, Pygmy Hippo,Lemur,Fishing cat,Sloth bear,MalayanTapir,Gorilla,Zebra,Girrafe, African elephant and Komodo Dragon are expected to be a part of the zoo.