YOU Season 3; Releasing On 15 October Same Level Of Obsession In New Season

The psychopath bookstore keeper and obsessed lover Penn Badgley in YOU as Joe Goldberg is back with all-new season three of YOU Netflix series.

The trailer of YOU season three is suggesting an insane level of desperation of Love Quinn ( Victoria Pedretti) For Joe, and the new victim of Joe’s and love’s psychosis And the arrival of Joe Goldberg and Love’s baby. The trailer seems to convey the unstable relationship between Joe and Love and about the mystery girl from a neighbor. The makers of the trailer and series well understand that what viewers are expecting from the upcoming season that’s why the intense and crazy level of the saga is going to be on screen from 15. October on Netflix.

Here is a link for YOU season 3 official trailer :

In the last season of YOU, the storyline was focusing on Love and Joe’s chemistry and ups and down in their building a relationship. Shifting If Joe to a new town and making new friends Tandves sisters, Delilah Alves and Ellie Aves those and Joe’s Ex. Girlfriend Candace, the whole revolves around these four and five main characters and another sub-characters. The death of  Love’s brother Forty Quin ( James skull) and the murder of Delilah by the hands Of Love and Joe’s generosity for Ellie. Now the story is going to progress and the conclusion will be concluded in this season, So this has to be the best and as we can see the whole cast is acting very passionately and the next level of dedication is showered in portraying their very character in the series.