Young Entrepreneurs Replacing Old Players In Market Capitalisation And Valuation

After tasting employment and professionalism many young individuals turn their path to be an entrepreneur. Everyone likes to be their boss that’s why startup projects in India are attaining a hike in recent years. And without a doubt when the idea of the startup is unique and planning is systematic every startup can flourish in the market.

In recent times, we heard that owners of Byju’s commonly outshined reputed companies like Mahindra and Jhunjhunwala in terms of ranking in wealth.

Same in the case of Zomato, the Zomato was first the first app that worked as a digital mediator between restaurants and foodies, this early capture of the environment helped Zomato to achieve 5.4 billion USD which is now the firm has a market capitalization of 13.3 billion USD.

Not only, Zomato according to IPO’s list the startups are doing very well enough to capture huge market capitalization. And after some years they will not be considered as a startup.

Leading players of IPO’s ranking of top-notch startups, are Byju’s, OYO, Ola, and Paytm.

The news geeks! Who are aware with lighter buzz if the market may know well that these companies were part of news headlines in recent times.

1. Byju’s Edtech Company

Byju’s companies owner and his family Raveendra Byju and his family became the most successful entrepreneur and dulled the sparkle of existing marketeers with his company’s total market capitalization of 18 billion USD.

2. Paytm, Digital Transaction Platform

Paytm, a startup to promote digital India became famous in recent times because of its partners with foreign companies to make ease in international fund transfers. This collaboration proved very fruitful for Paytm and now Paytm is holding 16 billion USD market capitalization.

3. OYO hotel rooms service:

OYO which stands for “On Your Own” is a supply chain to avail you best in a budget hotel. You can browse online on the app and find the best deals on hotels near you. This service is found very convenient for those who love to travel and by this love, OYO stands for a 9.6 billion USD market capitalization.

5. Ola, Online cab service :

Ola, the fastest and safest online can service is working efficiently to reach as maximum people as they can. The Riverside their service to Ola bikes, Ola cars, Ola auto, and now Ola electrical from the initiate “Mission Electric” this analysis of the business environment leveled up Ola and now its valuation is  6.7 billion USD in the market.